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Preply 4.9 ★★★★★ (44 reviews):

  1. Malgorzata: June 17, 2024:I've been working with Nikolai for a few months preparing for a B1 and now for a B2 exam. Nikolai is an excellent teacher. His engaging and effective methods make learning enjoyable. Nikolai is always well-prepared and patient, creating a positive learning environment. His passion for teaching and helpful feedback have significantly improved my skills. I highly recommend Nikolai to anyone looking to learn German at any level.
  2. Sergey: April 14, 2024: I have practiced my speaking with Nikolai for half a year and has made great progress in felling myself comfortable when speaking German at ~B2 level, using German grammar correctly and broadening my active vocabulary. The combination of writing homework assignments and discussing interesting topics was the much needed help on my journey. Many thanks!
  3. Zhixin: December 29, 2023:Nicolai is a very friendly and professional teacher. I believe I made the right choice following him for 1 year.
  4. Mátyás: July 5, 2023:Ich möchte Nikolai gerne weiterempfehlen. Nikolai ist ein ausgezeichneter Lehrer mit einem Blick für Details. Er ist präzise, stellt hochwertiges Lernmaterial bereit und hört aufmerksam auf die Bedürfnisse und Wünsche der Schüler. Dank ihm habe ich mich erfolgreich auf meine B1-Sprachprüfung vorbereitet. I would like to highly recommend Nikolai. Nikolai is an excellent teacher with an eye for details. He is accurate, provides great quality learning materials, and listens attentively to the needs and wishes of his students. Thanks to him, I successfully prepared for my B1 language exam.
  5. Hunter: April 4, 2023:Nikolai has been a fantstic tutor. He's really made an effort to meet me where I'm at. I also want to highlight that his English is fantastic. I note this because it's made having a common language to fall back on a breeze, something I haven't had with other tutors. Couldn't recommend Nikolai more!
  6. Katharine: August 22, 2022:I have been working with Niko for about a year now and our sessions have been wonderful. His explanations are clear and he provides very suitable lesson material. He is also very supportive and personable. My goal was to pass the B1 telc exam and Niko provided me with ample preparation material and super instruction throughout. I aced the exam! I highly recommend Niko to anyone who wants to improve their German.
  7. Deanna: February 9, 2022:Nikolai is a wonderful teacher! He's friendly, puts you at ease, and knows lots about the different exams you can take. I enjoyed our lessons!
  8. Tim: July 20, 2021:Nikolai ist great! He's very flexible and adaptive to your needs. He's also funny. He offers lessons at times that are sometimes great for night owls.
  9. John: March 29, 2021:My experience of 12 lessons with Nicolai matched that of every review I’ve read on this list. Nicolai took care to meet my learning objectives, focusing on intermediate level conversational skills (that makes those skills sound better than they are). But they have improved! Nicolai is professional without being formal and he is flexible in selecting teaching materials and topics. that match students’ interests and competencies. I rated every lesson 5*
  10. Dan: March 10, 2021:Nikolai is a very capable and friendly teacher who clearly adapts his teaching to the needs and interests of his students. We're very happy with the balance of focussing on grammar topics and focussing on speaking fluency. Nikolai always provides us with interesting homework and extra resources which lead to interesting discussions. D & T
  11. Bettina: February 1, 2021:Nikolai ist ein sehr guter und intelligenter Lehrer. Er bringt immer verschiedene Themen zur Sprache, mit denen ich mich auf meine C1-Prüfung gut vorbereiten kann. Meine mündliche Ausdrucksfähigkeit hat sich deutlich verbessert. Ich kann ihn nur weiterempfehlen. :)
  12. Benjamin: October 19, 2020:Nikolai is a tutor for professionals, and is methodical in his approach to building your German skills. Highly recommended.
  13. Kyra: October 5, 2020:Nikolai is a sweet teacher and wonderfully patient. I have had huge difficulties speaking German aloud and had been overcome with nervousness, but Nikolai's calm demeanor has helped relieve that a bit, and I can definitely feel myself improving. He has also been very good and understanding during times in which I had to move a lesson around and is very quick to respond to my messages. I highly recommend him for anyone who is nervous about taking German lessons.
  14. Lucas: September 24, 2020:Excellent teacher! Very pragmatic approach - whatever is your goal - excellent for someone totally new to German like myself.
  15. Elena: July 21, 2020:Nikolai is a very good teacher. He is always throughly prepared for each lesson and makes it interesting for a student. After having 5 classes with him, I already noticed significant improvements in my German, in both grammar and speaking. So, I definitely recommend Nikolai as a teacher.
  16. Bob: June 1, 2020: I have had 4 lessons with Nikolai so far and every lesson has exceeded my exception. Nikolai tailors his teaching to my learning goal and he is very prepared for the lessons. I am glad that I made the right choice of having Nikolai on preply and hope you do too! ------------ UPDATE 3 July 2022 ------------ I have now been learning with Nikolai for more than 2 years and have done over 90 hours on reply. Nikolai preps each lesson for each individual student based on their need/background/interest. All of the hours I had with Nikolai have exceeded my expectation. You might not see a lot of reviews for Nikolai because I believe some students are just long term and there is no way to leave a 'new review' if you have already done one (but I found the 'edit' button just now). I feel the time I spent learning German has been well worth it and it feels like tackling a difficult challenge. If you are in doubt if you should pick Nikolai then the answer is you should!
  17. Nur: February 20, 2020:Nikolai is very kind, talented and well prepared teacher. He is always aware of your expectations and prepare the classes accordingly each time.. He supported me a lot for speaking as I did not prefer to spend time for grammar through my needs.
  18. Ashok: January 29, 2020:Nikolai is a positive, attentive and organised teacher. He's great at finding the right exercises to fill in the gaps of your knowledge, and provides videos to watch and text to read as homework which are discussed in the lessons. Nikolai also provided me with a lot of great resources to use in my own time to help further my German, which I've found really useful. I can highly recommend Nikolai to anyone who is looking to take their German skills to the next level!
  19. Sona: September 10, 2019:Nikolai is a very professional and talented teacher. It doesn’t matter what language level you have, he will definitely help you define the right approach to take your German to the next level (incl. recommendation of helpful tools). He is patient and able to cover wide spectrum of topics which makes lessons with him inspiring and thought-provoking. Moreover, he is able to provide a piece of advice for each and every problem you might encounter in Germany. If you want to improve your German speaking skills, I highly recommend Nikolai!
  20. Vadym: September 9, 2019:I have been learning German with Nikolai for more than 2 months now and can confirm, that he is very professional and competent teacher I have ever met. He is always well prepared for the class, provides useful and interesting materials, that correspond to my requirements and expectations. The most important thing is, that being an experienced Tutor, Nikolai can quickly and flexibly adjust his classes to the needs of the student, which definitely helps learn the language in the most efficient way. It is also worth to mention, that the classes with Nikolai are never boring. He is well read and educated person, who provides you with lot of interesting and useful information to discuss during the class. I definitely recommend him as a teacher.
  21. Anastasiia: May 15, 2019:Nikolai is a great Tutor! Nikolai is always prepared with a lot of exercises. In his teaching technique he combines well grammar learning and speaking practice. Nikolai also always recommends me a lot of resources to study in-between the lessons. We are now on our second month of studying and I am very happy. Highly recommended!
  22. Sergii: April 3, 2019:Seitdem ich mit Nikolai spreche, traue ich mir mehr zu, spontan zu reden. Meine Unsicherheit ist schon verschwunden. Wir besprechen verschiedene Themen und ich erweitere meinen Wortschatz täglich. Ich bin froh, dass ich so einen intelligenten und vielseitigen Menschen gefunden habe.
  23. Thomas: March 25, 2019:Nikolai is an excellent teacher. He's very understanding of where you're at linguistically and where you want to be in the long run. He's also super patient and corrects one's mistakes in a manner that is encouraging rather than demoralizing. I've enjoyed the interactive lessons very much and highly recommend a trial lesson with Nikolai!
  24. Ben: December 11, 2018:Niko is a fantastic teacher who is easily worthy of 5 stars. As an intermediate German learner (~B2),Niko does a great job of preparing up-to-date, challenging reading material for every class. He is patient at answering my questions and always helps me to understand my mistakes. I emerge from every lesson with newfound knowledge about Germany and the German language. I highly recommended Niko for all learners looking at improving their speaking skills!
  25. Claudia: October 4, 2018:The best teacher ever. Nikolai is very professional and competent, and knows very well how to teach German to non-native speakers. He corrects my errors not only verbally but also on the chat, which is very useful as I can copy my errors on a separate document to be kept for reference. He also suggests synonyms while I talk to improve my style. The quality of the teaching material is high, and ranges from grammar exercises, newspaper articles and videos. I definitely recommend Nikolai to whoever would like to learn or improve German.

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Google 5.0★★★★★ (6 reviews):

  1. Iana: November 7, 2022:I came to Nikolai with a goal to speak German confidently on the B2 level. When we just started (2 years ago) I made a lot of grammar mistakes while talking and writing, didn't have a broad vocabulary. We set a goal to improve gradually in all directions. All classes with Nikolai were interactive and different, we discussed various business topics, life cases, did role playing, worked on the Grammar. Nikolai always shared some curious articles and videos in German about various topics but always considered my preferences and interests. I also wrote a lot of essays to work on my writing skills and topics were not boring which made me feel engaged. I can highly recommend Nikolai as your German teacher. Learning German with him will be a lot of fun for you!
  2. Olga:October 19, 2022:Ich bin so froh, dass ich schon lange Zeit die deutsche Sprache mit Niko lerne. Er ist immer pünktlich und gut auf den Unterricht vorbereitet. Er erklärt die Grammatik auf eine klare und verständliche Weise. Und vor allem, weil er ein sehr interessanter Gesprächspartner ist, vergeht die Zeit wie im Flug.
  3. Amir: October 25, 2022:Nikolai , is very helpful accommodative , uses an easy way for teaching , he also his own material and tools , in addition to the normal used courses for German language study. I have felt clear progress in my language skills with him
  4. Gosha: November 1, 2022:I have been studying with Nikolai for a long time. Since then my German has been improved significantly. I am now able to talk to locals and even read books without adaption. Nikolai is very attentive, diligent, patient and always prepared for lessons. He is also flexible and can adapt your learning program based on your needs. It’s not only productive but also fun to learn with him since he finds very interesting topics to talk about. Overall Nikolai is a nice person and an excellent teacher. I highly recommend him!

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Udemy 4.5 ★★★★ (48 Reviews):

  1. Andrew: I was always struggling with the German articles. This course helped realize that I did not even understand the basics correctly. Very useful in the course was the frequency of the articles. When I was not sure which article to take, then I always choose das, now I know that it is better to take die.
  2. Ravi Kumar G.: nice explanations and easy to learn... thanks for the instructor
  3. Kerlon B.:Excellent course for anyone looking to learn German with AI!
  4. Bincy A.:Nice Classes. Really Helpful
  5. Sienna E.:Very helpful course to learn German vocab as a beginner

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