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How To Study German

Learning German can be pretty challenging, right? But it's undoubtedly worth the effort.

The question is how to attain this feat. Many of us lead pretty hectic lives. How to take time out to learn German professionally? Well, if learning German is your goal, we are here for you! Howtostudygerman a department of EXCHANGENB is here to ensure that you learn the German language in a effective and fun way at the same time.

Based in Estonia, EXCHANGENB has been teaching German to people around the world since 2019. We realize that learning a language, you know nothing or only a little about can be pretty stressful. Hence, we take all the measures to ensure that the process is as feasible and convenient for you as possible.

We offer online German private lesson for every level. Additionally, we provide you can find online courses and free grammar and vocabulary quizzes.

Our goal is pretty simple. We make sure that learning German doesn't feel like a burden to you at any point and at the same time, we help you to improve your German in a professional and most effective way.

How to Study German CEO

I am Nikolai, the founder of EXCHANGENB. I am a native German teacher with 5 years of experience in teaching German and years of it online. In total, I have thought more than 3000 private lessons for students with various needs and different levels. Most of my private students are managers, entrepreneurs, programmers, scientists, and doctors.

Our Mission

We at howtostudygerman have started this journey with only one mission, to offer high-quality German lessons to one and all. Yes, our goal is to make our students a pro in the German language. At the same time, we look to ensure that they don't feel burdened with the task.

Here athowtostudygerman, you will get professional German lessons but in a much more relaxed atmosphere than you could have anticipated. And that's because we believe that people learn faster and more effectively when their mind is peaceful.

Grasping fresh concepts becomes even more challenging when your brain is rattled and we won't let you go through this trouble.

Therefore, our mission is to introduce you to the beautiful German language and enable you to make it your own. And that too, without stressing yourself out!

Our Vision

Our vision is to become a leading provider of German online private lessons. We intend to extend our services to anyone looking to be introduced to the German language and help them in their journey in the best possible.

The assistance of a professional proves to be invaluable when you are trying to learn a new language. More than anything, you need a mentor at this stage, someone who will be able to guide you through it all without any stress. And that's what we are here for!

If you want to master the German language, we are always here for you!