German Present Tense: Free Quiz

German Present Tense exercises

Test your knowledge about the conjugation of regular and irregular verbs in the Present Tense in German with this free test!


Is this  Quiz for the Present Tense in German for free? 

Yes, the exercises are completely for free. 

How to start the Quiz? 

At the bottom you can see the "Start" sign, which you can click on and then register for the test.

What do I have to do in the Quiz? 

You can write the correct form of the verb in the corresponding gap. This test includes 20 sentences. 

How to conjugate verbs in the simple German Present tense?

To conjugate regular verbs for German Präsens you can follow this chart: 

ich geheI go
du gehstyou go
er, sie, es gehthe, she, it goes
wir gehen we go 
ihr gehtyou (plural) go
sie/Sie gehenthey/you (formal) go

You can read more about the Present in German in detail: here

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