German Causal Clauses Quiz: Free Grammar Test weil or denn

Learn the German conjunctions "denn" and "weil" with this free test. 


Is this Quiz for free? 

Yes, the test is completely free and you can do the exercises as often as you like.

How can I take this test? 

At the bottom you will find the "Start" button, which you can click on to begin the quiz. 

What do I need to do in the test?

In the quiz you can put "denn" or "weil" in the respective gap in the sentence.

For what do we need to use causal clauses in German?

Causal sentences express a reason for a previous sentence or question.

  • Example: Die Studentin lernt für die Prüfung, weil sie eine gute Note haben möchte.  =The student is studying for the exam because she wants to get a good grade. 

You can read more about the German causal clauses in detail: here

Is there a difference between "denn" and "weil" in German grammar?

"Weil" comes always with a subordinate clause and "denn" is used with a main clause. You can read more detailed information about the Causal clauses in German: here

Does the word order change in a subordinate clause? 

Yes, the verb is placed at the end of a sentence if we use a subordinate clause. You can read more about the word order of the German language: here

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