German Concessive Clauses Free Quiz: "Obwohl" or Trotzdem"

Learn the Concessive Clauses in German with this free test! 


How can I register for this Quiz? 

You can scroll down, there you can see the button "start". 

Is this test for free? 

Yes, the quiz is completely for free. 

What am I supposed to do in the test?

You insert a "trotzdem" or "obwohl" in each sentence. 

What are German Concessive Clauses? 

These sentences are used to express a contrast. The most common ones are with "trotzdem" and "obwohl". You can read detailed information about the Concessive Clauses in German: here

Is there a difference between "trotzdem" and "obwohl"? 

The conjunction "obwohl" comes with a subordinate clause, while the adverb "trotzdem" stands together with a main clause. You can read additional information about this topic: here

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