German Relative Clauses Quiz

Pratice the German relative clauses with this free quiz! 


Is this Quiz for free? 

Yes, it is It is free of charge. 

How can I beginn the test? 

You can click on the sign “start” to beginn the excercises. 

What are German Relative Clauses? 

They give addional information about something/someone in the main clause. You can read detailed information about the German relative clauses: here

Do the German Relative Pronouns differ? 

Yes, relative pronouns in German depend on the case and gender. You can get more details about the relative pronouns in German: here

What is the Word order in  Relative Clauses in German? 

Relative clauses are subodinate clauses, which means that the verb always stands at the end of the sentence. You can find more information about the German Word Order: here

What shall I do in this the excercises? 

In this test you can choose the correct relative pronoun for each sentence. 

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