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Understanding German Questions

German Questions can be asked with a question word or without any. 

These are the most common German question words: 

  • wer = who

  • wann = when

  • wo = where

  • wie = how

  • woher = where from

  • wohin = where to

  • was = what



 German Question with a Question Word


The German question word is placed at the 1st position of the sentence and on the 2nd position you have the main verb (predicate). So the sentence construction is very similar to a normal main sentence.

  • Wie geht es dir? = How are you? 

  • Wer bist du?  = Who are you?

  • Wo seid ihr? = Where are you?

  • Woher kommst du? Where are you from?

  • Wohin gehst du? Where do you go to?

  • Was ist das für ein Geruch? What is this for a smell?

  • Wann gehst du nach Hause? When do you go home?

German Questions

German Question without a Question Word

When you form a question without a question word, then the verb is placed at the 1st position. 

  • Gehst du nach Hause? Are you going home? 

  • Trinkst du gerne Tee? Do you like to drink tea?

  • Spielst du gerne Schach? Do you like to play chess?



German question with a modal verb


  •  If you would like to use a question word, then the modal verb comes at the 2nd position and the infinitive at the end of the sentence: 
  • Wie kann ich dir helfen? How can I help you?
  • In case that you ask a question without a question word, the modal verb is placed at the 1st position and the infinitive at the last: 
  • Kann ich dir helfen? Can I help you?

Other not so common question words:

  • Mit wem = with whom  

    Mit wem gehst du ins Kino? With whom are you going in the cinema?

  • Wessen = whose 

    Wessen Auto ist das? Whose car is this?

  • Welche (declinated depending on case and gender) = which

     Welche Musik magst du? Which music do you like?

  • Woran =  of what 

    Woran denkst du? What are you thinking about? Of what are you thinking?

  • Wie oft = how often 

    Wie oft gehst du zum Yoga? How often do you go to Yoga?

  • Wie lange = how long 

    Wie lange dauert der Unterricht? How long does the lesson last?

  • Bis wann = until when 

    Bis wann musst du arbeiten? = How long (until when) do you have to work?

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