German Grammar Test: Final Clauses Quiz

Practice the German Final Clauses in German with this free Grammar test! 


Is this Quiz free of charge? 

Yes, it is completely free.

What are German Final Clauses? 

Final clauses in German are used to express a purpose or goal. They can be constructed with "damit" or with an "um + zu + infinitive" structure. For a more detailed exploration of this topic, you can refer to further information here

Are "um zu" and "damit" sentences interchangeable?

The "um zu" structure can only be used if the subject in the second clause is the same as in the first. Otherwise, you must use the "damit" clause, which is considered less elegant linguistically. While "damit" can always be used, it is preferable to use "um zu" whenever possible. 

Examples of Final clauses in German

Tina geht jeden Morgen joggen, um fit zu bleiben.Tina goes jogging every morning to keep fit.
Sie gibt ihm ihr Handy, damit er die Nummer speichern kannShe gives him her mobile phone so that he can save the number.

What do I need to do in this Quiz? 

You need to determine whether the sentence can utilize the "um zu" construction or requires the "damit" sentence

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