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The compexity of the German articles


The German articles can be very challenging. As a German you normally never think about how difficult it can be to find the right article. You know that the German der stands for male, the German die for female and the German das for neuter. But in the end you have to learn many rules when to use the correct German article. 

The German cases, prepositions and adjective declination are interrelated with the German articles.



How can you improve using the correct German articles?


  1. When you learn vocabulary then you should always practice it with the article as well. It sounds very obvious but sometimes students only memorize new nouns without knowing the articles. In case that you are using a vocabulary app in which the articles are not written then it makes sense that you google the articles for the nouns. 
  2. Our quizzes can help you to practice the articles in a fun way. It is completely for free and it is a good way to improve using the correct German article. 
  3. In the table below you find the most important rules when you use German der, German die or German das. If you have for example a month (der Januar) or a weekday (der Montag) then always German der is used. When people are talking about a profession in general then it is always male e.g  der Lehrer or plural.
  4. If you have no clue at all which is the correct article for one noun and you have to guess then die is the best because the most nouns in the German language are used with German die.

The German der, the German die, the German das

In this picture you can see when we use which German article. If you have no clue at all, then you can best choose the German die article because the most German words are with die. The German Duden is the most popular German dictionary and has figured out that 46 % of the German nouns are feminine, 34 % masculine and 20 % neuter. You can find the graphic of Duden here.