German Imperative Quiz

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What is the German Imperative?

In German, we employ the imperative to issue commands or instructions to others. You can read detailed information about the topic: here

How is the Word Order in a German Imperative sentence? 

 German ExampleEnglish
2nd Person SingularMach die Aufgabe!Do the task!
2nd Person PluralMacht die Aufgabe!Do the task! 
Formal Form (Sie)Machen Sie die Aufgabe!Do the task! 
1st Person Plural (very rarely used)Machen wir die Aufgabe!Let's do the job!

As shown in the chart, when forming the imperative in German, the 2nd person singular and plural do not include a subject. Conversely, for the formal form and the 1st person plural, the inclusion of a subject is necessary. In these cases, the subject is placed in the second position. It's important to note that in all imperative forms in German, the verb consistently takes the first position. You can get more information about the word order in German: here.

What shall I do in this German Imperative Quiz? 

In this quiz you should choose which sentence is the correct imperative clause. 

Is this Quiz for free?

Yes, the quiz is completly free of charge. 

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