German Nominative Quiz

Practice the German Nominative with this free quiz! 


Is this Quiz for free?

Yes, the test is free of charge. 

What is the Nominative in German? 

The nominative is the 1st German case and the subject in a sentence. You can read more about the cases in German: here.

How to recognise the German Nominative? 

To figure out the subject in German you can ask “who or what?”. Normally the nominative stands in German in a main sentence at the beginning of a sentence.

Is the Nominative always at the 1st position in a main clause? 

No, in German it is possible that the subject does not stand at the beginning e.g if the focus should be on the object. 

Nominative in German Examples

Das Mädchen lernt viel für die Prüfung.The girl learns a lot for the exam.
Für die Prüfung lernt das Mädchen viel. The girl learns a lot for the exam.
Tom bemerkt das Problem. Tom realises the problem. 
Das Problem bemerkt Tom.Tom realises the problem. 

You can see in these examples that it is in German posible to place the object at the beginning of a sentence. 

What shall I do in the German Nominative Quiz? 

In this quiz, you should choose for each sentence the correct nominative.