German Modal Verbs Quiz

Learn the German Modal Verbs with this free Quiz! 


Is the German Modal Verbs Quiz for free? 

Yes, the test is completly free of charge. 

What are German Modal Verbs? 

The Modal Verbs in German express various meanings: 

müssen - must, have to

können - can, to be able to

wollen - want, to intend to

sollen - shall, should, to be supposed to

dürfen - may, to be allowed to

mögen - to like

You can read more about the German Modal verbs: here

How many German Modal Verbs exist? 

There are six modal verbs in German. 

What shall I do in this Quiz? 

You should select for each sentence the appropriate modal verb.

Which German Level do I need for this Test? 

You should have at least a B1 level. 

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