German Adjective Endings Quiz

Practice the German Adjective Endings with this free Quiz!


Is this Quiz for Free? 

Yes, the test is free of charge. 

What are German Adjective Endings? 

In German, the endings of adjectives vary based on the gender and case of the nouns they describe, as well as whether an article precedes the noun. Additionally, whether an article is used at all significantly influences the ending of the adjective. Mastering German adjective endings is challenging and requires a firm understanding of both the articles used in German and the system of German cases. It is advisable to initially focus on the fundamental rules of adjective declension, including the use of definite and indefinite articles, as well as possessive pronouns. Once these concepts are well understood, the next step is to delve into the rules governing adjective declension when no articles are used, which represents the most complex aspect of learning German adjective endings. For a more detailed explaination you can read this blog article: here

What do I need to do in this German Adjective Endings Quiz?

In this test, you need to choose the correct adjective ending for each sentence. 

Which Language Level does this Quiz need? 

This quiz is for German learners with a level of A2-B1. 

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