German Simple Past Quiz

Practice the Simple past in German with this free quiz! 


Is this Quiz for Free? 

Yes, this test is free of charge. 

What is the German Simple Past? 

The simple past tense in German, also known as Präteritum, describes actions or events that occurred in the past and have no connection to the German present tense. Predominantly employed in written and formal contexts, the simple past tense serves as a cornerstone for narrating historical events or completed actions. For a more detailed explaination of its usage, click here.

Is the Simple Past in German one of the most important Tenses? 

In German, the three pivotal tenses for the spoken language include the present tense, perfect tense, and future tense (Future 1). Conversely, in written and formal contexts, the simple past tense assumes a significant role, often taking precedence over the perfect tense. For an in-depth understanding of German tenses, please click here.

What do I need to do in the German Simple Past Quiz?

In this Quiz you should select for each sentence the correct form of the simple past. 

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