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Say goodbye to boring German grammar lessons and hello to a fun way to learn German articles! Our free German Articles course is the perfect solution for anyone looking to master the tricky subject of German articles. With videos, texts, and quizzes, our course is designed to make learning German articles easy and enjoyable.

Don't let the fear of getting the articles wrong hold you back from speaking German fluently. With our help, you'll be able to use the articles correctly in no time. 

Sign up for our free German Articles course now and improve your skills in a fun way. 

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videoHow to learn the German ArticlesFree
videoTips for Learning the german ArticlesFree
videoThe German Definite and Indefinite ArticlesFree
videoChart of German Definite ArticlesFree
videoChart of German Indefinite ArticlesFree
videoFrequency of the German ArticlesFree
videoFrequency of the German Articles ChartFree
videoThe rules of the German ArticlesFree
videoGerman Articles rules
videoGerman Articles Quiz Beginner 1
videoGerman Articles Quiz Beginner 2
videoGerman Articles Quiz Beginner 3
videoGerman Articles Quiz Beginner 4
videoGerman Articles Quiz with pictures 1
videoGerman Articles Quiz with pictures 2
videoGerman Articles Quizzes for Smartpfones


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