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Tips for Learning the german Articles



Mastering the German articles


  1. When you learn vocabulary then you should always practice it with the article as well. It sounds very obvious but sometimes students only memorize new nouns without knowing the articles. A great app to create our own vocabulary lists is Quizlet, another option is to use our vocabulary quizzes.
  2. Our free article quizzes can help you to practice the German articles in a fun way. In each quiz you choose if der, die or das fits to the noun that is shown.
  3. Our free article course includes videos, handouts and quizzes. The course helps you to understand the German articles and to practice the topic as well.
  4. It is good if you know some of the most important rules when you use German der, German die or German das. If you have for example a month (der Januar) or a weekday (der Montag) then always German der is used.
  5. You can practice the articles in German by forming sentences.
  6. Understand that the grammar topic German cases is connected with the articles in German.
  7. There are also many other grammar topics for which you need to know the German articles like adjective declination or relative clauses
  8. Know the frequency of the German Articles: If you have no clue at all which is the correct article for one noun and you have to guess then die is the best because most nouns in the German language are used with die.
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