German Articles Chart

German Articles Chart

German Articles Chart

The German Articles and the castes in German are one of the most imprortant grammar topics of the German language. This German Articles Chart shows you when to use which definite article in German with which case and Gender. You can read more about the German Articles in detail: here.

German Indefinite Article Chart 

German Indefinite Article Chart

This chart illustrates the indefinite articles in German and shows their use in the different genders and cases.


Why are the Articles in German important? 

How can I learn the German Articles Chart?

  • The most essential thing is, that you always learn every noun in German with an article. It is at the beginning good to know some of the rules of the German articles. You can read in detail more about the articles in German and the rules: here. It is also very essential to practise this grammar topic as much as possible. You can find free quizzes on the German articles: here.

What shall I do if I have no clue at all which article to choice? 

  • If you have no idea, it is best to take a feminine article because most nouns in German are feminine. 

What is the difference between Indefinite and definite articles in German? 

  • Definite articles denote a particular noun, whereas indefinite articles in German are used with nonspecific nouns.

Do all nouns always come with an article? 

  • No, when using plurals, articles are not required, mirroring the rule for indefinite singular forms. Furthermore, articles are unnecessary for uncountable nouns, such as sand, air, or happiness.

Are there free Quizzes for the German Articles? 

  • Of course, we created several quizzes about this topic. You can find it: here




Article by Niko

Published 12 Feb 2024