Perfect Tense German exercises

Learn the perfect tense in German with free exercises! 


Is this quiz for free? 

Yes, it is for free. 

How is the quiz structured?

There are 20 sentences and you can select the correct for each sentence the correct form of haben or sein. 

Where can I start the exercises for the perfect tense in German? 

You can scroll down and there you can click on “start”. 

Why is the simple perfect tense in German important? 

The Perfekt is one of the most important tenses in German. It is the past tense that is the most used in the spoken language. 

How to form the Perfect in German? 

You need a form of "haben" or “sein” and a past participle at the end of the sentence. You can read more about it in detail: here.  

When do I have to use haben or sein in the German perfect tense? 

You need "sein" in case that the verb expresses locomotion or a change of a condition. The two verbs happen (passieren/geschehen) are also used with to be, all other ones need the verb have. You can read more in detail about the perfect: here

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