German Accusative Quiz

Learn the Accusative in German with this free Quiz! 


Is the German Accusative Quiz for free? 

Yes, this quiz is for free. 

What are the Cases in German? 

In German, there are four cases: nominative, genitive, dative, and accusative. These cases indicate the grammatical function of nouns, pronouns, and articles in sentences. You can read more about the cases in German: here

What is the Accusative Case in German? 

The accusative case is the direct object in the sentence. Example: Der Junge kauft ein Eis. The boy buys an ice cream. Ice cream is the accusative in this sentence. TO figure out the accusative in this example, you can ask : "What is being bought?". You can get more details about the cases in German: here

What shall I do in this Quiz? 

You can choose the accusative in each sentence, multiple answers are possible.